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LoneStar DJ & Karaoke

LoneStar DJ And Karaoke 

  • Now With Over 10,000 Spin Tunes

  • Over 9,000 Karaoke Songs

  • Wedding Receptions & Company Picnics

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • Graduation Parties, Aniversaries, Car Shows And More. . . . .


"Club Owners: Call For Special Long Term Rates"

No Frills!

You've seen the ads with laser light shows and party favors, yada yada yada. What your guests will remember  is "The Music". We offer the most variety of music anywhere, without all the magic tricks and added expense. You could pay $800 bux and up for a DJ these days, some DJ's charge as much as $2000 for a wedding just for putting on a tux and making a few announcements. Well, I don't even own a tux, I do have a coat & tie, and announcements are Always Free!

How Hard Can It Be?

So you're looking for a DJ for an upcoming event. You make a few calls and realize that maybe you don't really need a DJ at all. At those prices you could do it yourself, right? You've got plenty of music, a good stereo and don't forget that old Lava Lamp, that would be an awesome mood setter.  S T O P !  Ask Yourself a few questions first.

  • Will Everyone Enjoy The Same Music That I Do?
  • Do I  REALLY  Have Enough Music?
  • What Do I Do About Requests?
  • Where Can I Find "The Chicken Dance"?
  • Will I Be Able To Mingle, Even With That Old 5 Disc Player?
  • What Will I Do About The Silence Between The Songs (DEAD AIR)?
  • Can I Really Stand Up And Talk In Front Of All Those People?
  • What Do I Say?
  • Do I Even Have A Microphone?
  • What Do I Plug It Into?

Yeah, I know it can be a little overwhelming. But, that's what I do and I have been doing it since 1974.


References: KAND AM Radio: Corsicana TX ~ WSGR AM Radio: Port Huron MI ~ George's Place: Port Huron, MI. (1992- 1999) ~ My Place: Mason, MI. ~ Active Lounge: Port Huron, MI. ~ Swissle Inn: Fort Gratiot, MI. ~ Route 66: Port Huron, MI. ~ Zebra Bar: Port Huron, MI. ~ The Owl Lounge: Imlay City, MI. ~ Sneekers Lounge: Chesterfield, MI. ~ Seekers Lounge: Port Huron, MI. ~ Encore '95 McMoran Auditorium: Port Huron, MI ~ Jerry Lewis Telethon Birchwood Mall: Fort Gratiot, MI. ~ Blue Water Festival McMoran Plaza: Port Huron, MI.  Private Events: Cox Wedding Reception (Sterling Hts, MI) ~ Garcia Wedding Reception (Waco, TX) ~ Primeaux Family Reunion (Waco,TX) ~ Kaminski Graduation (Attica, MI) ~ Kirkpatrick Graduation (Chesterfield, MI) ~ Escobedo Wedding Reception (Carsonville, MI) ~ Duddy Wedding Reception (Algonac, MI) ~ Hyde Batchelor/Batchelorette Party (Croswell, MI) ~ Gibson Birthday Party (Blain, MI) ~ Conard Wedding Reception (Port Huron,MI) ~ Dorton Wedding Reception (Port Huron, MI) ~ Kunnath Wedding Reception (Tawas City, MI) ~ Around Town's Karaoke Host Of The Year, 4 Years In A Row. 1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997 (Around Town Ceased Publication In 1997)



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Here's The Deal

Most events run about 4 hours in length. I charge $150 an hour and extra $125 for Karaoke (For those of you in Rio Linda that's $600 or $725), with a 4 hour minimum ($100 each additional hour). I will need an 8ft banquet style table & table skirt to match your theme, sufficient elecrical supply (no 220), and of course Free Food & Drink (Your DJ MUST stay energized). My equipment & music fit on the table. I set my light globes on top of my speakers. No Lasers, No Lighting Towers, No Cables or Gear Sprawling out on the Dance Floor

Here's What You Get For $600 ($725 w/Karaoke)


  • A  DJ That Knows His Stuff
  • A  DJ That Will Work With You
  • The Greatest Music Of All Time
  • A  DJ That Lets You Pick The Songs (and play your music if you like)
  • A  DJ That Can Read The Room
  • A Cordless Microphone For Toasts etc.

             And Of Course,  My Smiling Face.

For 4 Hours. ($100 each additional hour)

That's My Pitch, Interested? Give Me A Call


DJ Joey

Voice Mail: 810-987-7508

Email Mojo_USA@Yahoo.com


FYI: No Explicit Music Played Where Minors Are Present - No Waivers - No Exceptions! Sealed

"Club Owners: Call For Special Long Term Rates"